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Are large numbers in the bench press, power clean and squat what athletes should be focusing on when training?  This is a very open ended question and certainly varies with the sport, but the point is that with any program for an “athlete”, ultimately they need to be able to move on the court or field of play. 

Can you have high numbers in each of the areas above and be a good athelte?  Yes…if these numbers are gained without sacrificing your ability to have flexibility, mobility and agility. 

Remember that the key to any good program is knowing the demands of the sport.  Once you know the demands of the sport, one applies the science into the program, and good results will occur.  Too often big numbers cloud both the coaches’ and atheltes’ decision making skills and technique, sacrificing the ability of the athlete to perform their highest level, and/or their ability to stay healthy. 

Train smarter.


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