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For those who have been playing close attention to karting and feeder series in open wheel racing, the name of Conor Daly is nothing new.  If you are not well versed in open wheel racing, Conor Daly is one of the brightest young American drivers today.  In his Star Mazda debut, Conor drove from 16th to 3rd, with some terrific passes and maintaining his cool despite being driven off track several times.  Check out the video below.

Conor has also been mentioned as a potential driver for the proposed American F1 team.  F1 is Conor’s dream and he appears to be doing all the right things to head in that direction.

Not only is Conor talented in the car, he remains on of the most “down to earth” kids you could meet, eventhough his success on the track could negatively influence his demeanor.  In between school, traveling all over the world to race and spending time with his family, Conor has been training at St. Vincent Sports Performance since he was about 12.

Best of luck this season to Conor!


As in life, we begin to take aspects of our career for granted.  So as I walk the areas of our 24,000 sq. ft facility I make it a point to step back for a second to reflect on the athletes that walks through our doors.  There are many words in the English language but many jump out at you immediately…speed, power, strength, quickness, endurance, stamina.  Those are the easy ones, but what about grace, vision, courage, dedication, passion, perserverance, humility, compassion?  Whether you are talking about the professional athletes that come through our doors, or the middle schooler that just wants to make the team, we have been blessed to have many extraordinary PEOPLE utilize our services.  When a high profile athlete like IndyCar driver Tony Kanaan takes the time to shake the hand of a young quarter midget driver or when Former Pro Bowler Tarik Glenn speaks to a high school football player about “character” in our hallways…those are the days I know I am in the right place.  I am with the right people and we are delivering the kinds of services that are making a difference in people’s lives.

So, take time to reflect on those things that you may take for granted today.  You will be amazed at the gifts that are already at your feet.

Although this is the first day of our blog, today was a normal day in the life of St. Vincent Sports Performance coaches and athletes.  From professional football players like Jason Baker (Carolina Panthers, Punter), Matt Giordano (Colts, DB), Dallas Clark (Colts, TE), Hunter Smith (Former Colts, Punter) to Indy Lights driver Dillon Battistini, all were “getting after it”, pushing themselves to the next level with our expertise. 

We’ll keep pushing athletes and updating this blog!  Keep looking for the next entry!